Okie Derby 2022
AUGUST 20th, 2022

Sundance Airport – Yukon, Oklahoma 


2022 Okie Derby Rankings

Congratulations to these Outstanding Pilots!

First Place – Chris Townsend, Brian Townsend
Second Place – Gary Tears, Max Smith
Third Place – Russ Roslewski, Piper Roslewski
Fourth Place – Robert Hensley, Ron Ratliff
Fifth Place – Brendan Martin, Scott Dorsey
Sixth Place – James Wirt, Dave Amen
Seventh Place – Lora Gallman, Alex Gallman
Eighth Place – Allison Schlotthauer, Lillie Putnam

Best Time Estimate – Chris Townsend
Best Fuel Estimate – Robert Hensley
Best First Timer Racer – Lora Gallman
Best EAA – Russ Roslewski
Best School – Brendan Martin
Amelia Class – Robert Hensley

Many Thanks go to these These Pilots Registered, but unable to fly the Okie Derby!

Janis Love, Dan Burdette

Sean Whisler, Jordan Ritchie

Alec Lamb, Bailey Everhart

James Johnson, Miles Johnson

View some of our past Okie Derby Winners from past years!

Okie Derby
Funding the “Wings of the Future” Scholarship

A round-robin course – approximately 200 Nautical Miles

The Okie Derby Proficiency Air Rally, sponsored by The Oklahoma Chapter Ninety-Nines, has been held annually since 1979!

Since 1990, the Okie Derby has generated more than $70,000 for funds for aviation scholarships. All Proceeds Benefit the “Wings of the Future” Scholarship Assisting women in realizing their dream to fly.

The Oklahoma Chapter of the Ninety-Nines relies on the support of the aviation event to help achieve the goal for driving funds for the “Wings of the Future Scholarship”. The yearly event for the scholarship program helps encourage interest in aviation, as well as helps Okie Derby participants polish their piloting skills for this wonderful event.

A cross-country proficiency event of approximately 200 statute miles for single, multi-engine aircraft & experimental aircraft (piloted by builder)  to be flown during daylight hours under VFR conditions and conducted on a handicap system.

If you want to have fun and sharpen your piloting skills then the Okie Derby Proficiency Air Rally is the place for you. Don’t miss this annual event to help support women in aviation!

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Oklahoma Chapter Ninety-Nines