2021 Okie Derby

1st Place – Jeffrey Brown, Josh McGee
2nd Place – Robert Hensley, Ron Ratliff
3rd Place – Brian Townsend, Chris Townsend
4th Place – Genaro Hernandez Salgado, Brendan Martin
5th Place – Russ Roslewski, Piper Roslewski
6th Place – Gary Tears, Eric Pidek
7th Place – Sean Whisler, Jordan Ritchie
8th Place – Angela Drabek, Elaine Regier
9th Place – Teresa Camp, David Best
10th Place – Rick Stone, Travis Smith
11th Place – Douglas Fischer, Alec Lamb

12th Place – Eric Lang, Rick Sheetz

Best in Class
Best 99 – Angela Drabek
Best OPA – Jeffrey Brown
Best EAA – Jeffrey Brown
Best First Time Racer – Genaro Hernandez Salgado
Best Racer from a Flight School – Genaro Hernandez Salgado
Best Amelia Class – Genaro Hernandez Salgado
Best Fuel Estimate – Robert Hensley

Best Time Estimate – Teresa Camp

We also thank these flyers who had planned to fly, but due to uncontrollable circumstances could not participate,
Holly Blunk, Chelsea Hughes
Cassi Terry, Lilly Putnam
Brian Jackson, Nate Preston

2020 Okie Derby

Derby Cancelled Due To Covid


2019 Okie Derby Results
First Place – Brian Townsend, Chris Townsend
Second Place – Russ Roslewski, Piper Roslewski
Third Place – Jeff Brown, Josh McGee
Fourth Place – Janis Love, Dan Burdette
Fifth Place – Gary Tears, Erik Pidek
College Winner – William Kreikemeier, Bradley Burgess
Best Fuel Estimate – Brian Townsend, Chris Townsend
Best Time Estimate – Russ Roslewski, Piper Roslewski
Best 99 – Janis Love
Best OPA – Jeff Brown
Best EAA – Jeff Brown

Congratulations to all these pilots!

We also want to thank Clay Dunsworth, Lora Dunsworth, Angela Drabek, Cassi Terry, Mitch Williams, Robert Self, Victoria Croney and Sara Hoffman for participating in the derby.

Also scheduled to fly but were unable to join us were Paul Pillar, Cheryl Duffy, Elaine Regier, Holly Blunk, David Wilson, and Gary Sliger. Thank you!

The Oklahoma Chapter of 99s thank you for your support. We hope everyone had a fun day!
We hope to see everyone again at a future Okie Derby.

2018 Okie Derby Winners

  1. Russ Roslewski, Piper Roslewski
  2. Gary Tears, Eric Pidek
  3. Chris Townsend, Brian Townsend
  4. James Wirt, Aaron Varland
  5. Teresa Camp, Bill Camp
  6. Robert Hensley, Adam Dumstorf
  7. Scott Waldrop, Nicolas Tinney
  8. Doug Durning, Tom Williams
  9. Jeffery Brown, Josh McGee
  10. Brennan Jackson, Jake Arredondo
  11. Loy Blackketter, Leona McGee
  12. Clay Dunsworth, Graham
  13. David Wilson, Gary Sliger
  14. Angela Drabek, Elaine Regier

2017 Okie Derby Winners

  1. Jeff Brown, Josh McGee
  2. Russ Roslewski, Piper Roslewski
  3. David Wilson, Gary Sliger
  4. Brian Townsend, Chris Townsend
  5. Janis Love, Dan Burdette
  6. Angela Drabek, Elaine Regier
  7. Mark Jeffreys, Scott Shankland
  8. Rocky Rutter, Parker Ross
  9. Steven Howell, Preston Howell
  10. Sadaf Imani, Keisha Holback
  11. Rick Sheetz, Linda Sheetz
  12. Jerry Calvert, Dona Calvert
  13. James Wirt, Aaron Varland
  14. John Wise, Morgan Kottke
  15. Mike Barber, Anita Huffman, had to scratch due to engine issues

Best Time – Russ Roslewski, Piper Roslewski

Best Fuel – Jeff Brown, Josh McGee

Collegiate – Mark Jeffreys, Scott Shankland

Best 99 – Janis Love, Dan Burdette

Best First Time Racer – Angela Drabek, Elaine Regier

2016 Okie Derby Winners

2016 Okie Derby – Official Results (pdf)

1st Steven Howell Preston Howell
2nd Chris Townsend Brian Townsend
3rd Scott Ermis Angela Drabek
4th Keenyn Duncan Keisha Holback
5th Kent Officer Lana Officer
6th Janis Love Dan Burdette
7th Robert Hensley Ron Ratliff
8th Russ Roslewski Piper Roslewski
Last Steve Leckrone Noelle Leckrone
Best Collegiate Keenyn Duncan Keisha Holback
Best 99 Keenyn Duncan
Best OPA Scott Ermis
First Time Racer Scott Ermis
Best CAP Troy Chaddon
Best EAA Steven Howell
Best Fuel Steven Howell
Best Time Janis Love

2015 Okie Derby Winners

View the Okie Derby 2015 Race Results

okie derby

1st Place – Phyl Howard & Charles Ewers

1st Place – Phyl Howard & Charles Ewers
2nd Place – Keisha Holback & Keenyn Duncan
3rd Place – Steven Howel & Jacob Howel


2015 Results by Fuel Estimates


2015 Results by Speed Estimates




2014 Okie Derby – 1st Place Keenyn Duncan & Robin Torres

2014 Okie Derby Winners

  • First Place – Keenyn Duncan & Robin Torres
  • Second Place – Chris Townsend & Brian Townsend
  • Third Place – Rocky Rutter & Dr. Kelly Butts


2013 Okie Derby Winners

  • First Place – Chris Townsend & Brian Townsend
  • Second Place – James Bryant & Roger Littleton
  • Third Place – Evan Winsor & Lindsey Bruce
  • Fourth Place -Heather Gomer & Don Baker
  • Fifth Place – Lawrence Korona & Darrell Knoop
  • Sixth Place – Zac Boyd & Charles Speer
  • Seventh Place – Phyl Howard & George Conover
  • Eight Place –  Phylis Hensley & Robert Hensley
  • Best 99 – Heather Gomer
  • Best OPA – Heather Gomer
  • First Time  – James Bryant
  • Best Collegiate Team  Zach Boyd & Charles Speer
  • Best CAP  Phyl Howard